Members bring in their fry to assist in obtaining BAP/HAP points, to share fish and earn a little cash. A small amount is donated to the club for each item sold. Our members bring working equipment and healthy fish.

The KWAS Executive is super excited to announce our new auction software that we have developed..

Please watch the video so you can see how the auction pre-registration works. You will be able to register all your auction items starting today and running right up to when the meeting starts on Tuesday. We would encourage you to register early as much as possible to reduce time that day.

Click Here to Register
(You can use a computer, tablet, or even your phone to register!!)

Please read and follow the auction rules:

1. KWAS will retain 25% of the item(s) selling price
2. One lot per member in attendance. Family memberships are entitled to 2 lots only if both members are in attendance.
3. Only KWAS members in good standing may sell items. Guests are allowed to sell items however; KWAS retains 50% of the selling price
4. Please do not bring more than 3 of any one item
5. Fish must be properly bagged and may be refused if not done so. NO TWIST TIES OR SANDWICH BAGGIES.
6. Label the condition of any mechanical items.
7. Proper identification of all fish and plants is required
8. All items must be registered before the start of the meeting
9. The decision of the auction chair person is final.

We will have some laptops available on Tuesday for those who weren’t able to pre-register, but you can also use your phone when you are there before the meeting to register and we will print labels for you to put on your items before placing them on the table.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here, or you can email the executive team at

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